Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vintage Modern Photography does Vintage Modern Design too!

Here is a photo of Don after he received his poster.  I received many wonderful messages from our Project 52 group, Don himself and even his daughter for creating the poster which made me even happier to have done the work.  I love our business!

We are a creative family and design is a big part of everything we do.  We set up and style our sessions to tell a story.  We work with our  brides in planning their weddings to take the photography into consideration in capturing the memories of the hard work that goes into a "Dream Wedding".  We sometimes even design the wedding invitations as well as other graphic elements that can go into a wedding (signs, banners...).

In a later post I will share some of the wedding invitations I have designed but today I am excited to share a poster design I created for Don Giannatti's session.  It is a 60's inspired poster of audience quotes of appreciation for his workshop and the folks at had it printed and will be presenting it to him at the end of the day in front of their worldwide audience of photographers who look to improve their skills with great workshops like Don's...eek!  I hope he loves it, will he tear up?

Don is a mentor to me, I am participing in his Pro Project 52 and learning so much about lighting and commercial photography.  I am meeting and working with some amazing photographers as well as learning from them.  My quote is in red at the top of the poster, there are some great photographers who continue to learn from Don as well.  I really appreciate this wonderful teacher who gives so much of his knowledge and experience wanting me to be a better, successful photographer.  I hope it shows as I continue to photograph my clients this year.

Virginia Smith
Graphic Designer and Director of Customer Happiness

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