Monday, April 2, 2012

2011 - Love and Marriage Part Deux

When a daughter get's married it's lots of planning, work, fun, shopping and so much more.  When two daughters get married that gets doubled and then some.  When one of those daughters is a photographer, well...that takes planning to a whole new level!  When the Samantha got married every detail had the photography in mind and being a photographer hiring one who could fit the bill was a bit of work.  Samantha wanted someone who could photograph her wedding like she would and she found it in 3 talented women who make up madeulookphotography.  

Here is the album I created out of the images from Samantha's wedding:

The best memories of the day were recorded in an amazing video made by Marielle Chua and we will treasure those memories as a family for many years to come!  You can see it HERE!

You can see a few of my snapshots taken that day HERE!

Virginia Smith
Proud Mother and Director of Customer Happiness

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