Saturday, September 1, 2012

David and Christina and Baby!

I got a to do an amazing maternity shoot up in the woods by where I live a few weeks ago and it was amazing! Maternity sessions are always so fun because of the excitement of a little baby coming into the world, and little baby Stetson is going to have amazing parents.  I just love pregnant mamas and christina is no exception, she's glowing! Its so nice to document the start of their family. They were so down for everything and we played and just had fun. Here's a few of my favorites.

At the end of the shoot we put the wreath on her head and just played around with her being and earth mama. We love the hippie look we came out with. I love happy couples, they just warm your heart! Can't wait to see what baby Stetson is going to look like! 
xo Sam

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jason and Tiffany. Engaged.

Its always a little strange going into a shoot having not met the couple first but these two were so fun, and so easy going it was like meeting old friends. You can tell they have a special bond between the two of them in the way they look at each other. It's that reason that I love doing what I do, you get to see people who genuinely love each other. And I get to hear their stories, which I love. These two met at a happy hour, seriously fun, through friends and have been together ever since. Tiffany and Jason are from the east coast where they will be married on new years but recently moved to Southern California for work. They had never set foot in California until they were assigned here and they love it here. They wanted a fun, laid back California beach session. We laughed, enjoyed the sun, the cool water, and even had a beer. Tiffany is absolutely gorgeous! She has amazing skin and the best smile but most of all she's seriously the nicest thing ever! Jasons is quiet at first but you can tell he loves his lady and he's quite hilarious. I'm so happy I got to meet them and seriously wish them all the best! Here's some of my favorites.

On a side note I'm so happy to incorporate film now in some way in all my sessions, I feel everyday like it means more to me to do what I love they way I want to and that my clients trust me!
xo sam

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Senior 2012

I got two friends to volunteer to let me take "senior" photographs of them to get the ball rolling for this year. They are such beautiful ladies and I am so grateful they let me take photos of them. We had such a fun afternoon in the muggy mountains and chased the sun when it decided to come out!

love these ladies and I will so miss working with them at starbucks!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jose and April.

We were referred to this couple by a friend of ours and we are so grateful! These two are so fun and love to be silly. April is such a sweet loving person, and completely up for anything. Jose is very organized and pretty much is her total opposite which makes them perfect for each other I think. Jose loves to make movies, so we wanted to incorporate that into the session. These two love the vintage feel and we love it too! I loved making them laugh I must say.
These two have been through so much and deserve so much happiness together. Congrats you two! We hope, as always that they love how we captured them....

So looking forward to september and seeing these two even more in love in their big day! Keep a look out for their stop motion at the end of the week....
xo sam

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