Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Biggest Event of 2011

Weddings are pretty big events and we had lots of work and fun marrying off 2 sisters in the family but nothing beats the joy of a new baby.  We were so blessed with the first grandbaby of the family and our favorite baby model Dominic so we were ecstatic that another little boy who would be called JoJo was coming.

Ray and Sarah love Disneyland so Samantha did their maternity session there.  We walked around their favorite spots and created a stop motion video of the shots showing a family day at Disneyland for their growing family that you can see HERE.

When that baby came we were thrilled beyond words.  We've had lots of fun photographing that baby and his brother.  This is why I LOVE maternity and newborn photography.  I know firsthand what a blessing a new baby is and how much grandparents want those great images to show off!  

We will share JoJo's newborn session in a later post, it was something special!  We have lots of exciting stuff for 2012!  Engagements and weddings and families and something new for us!  We are continuing to educate ourselves to improve our photography.  I hope you keep up with our photographic adventures or better yet be a part of them!

Virginia (aka "abi" my grandma name) Smith

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