Thursday, February 5, 2015

Reorganize, Rebrand, Restart!

A little over a year ago the Modern Vintage Photography Wordpress blog was over run with rampant spam and then hacked so that we were locked out.  We had some amazing work to show and fun ideas to share but the whole  thing was so overwhelming the blog just got forgotten and before we knew it another year began.  Can you believe we're a month into a new year?  We've been spending the last month between clients cleaning and organizing, repurposing, painting and decorating along with a little shopping and making lists...lots of lists!  I'm the kind of girl that likes to check things off, happy that I'm getting something accomplished.  I've repurposed my old blogger version of the blog for simplicity and I'm using a blog planner called Epic Blog Planner.  The blog is really all about the images and if Google loves it then who am I to argue with the worlds largest search engine!  

Take a look at my pretty french inspired workspace.  I repurposed an old entertainment center to hold my everything I need from supplies, marketing materials, packaging and receipts to my photography books.  I'm a bit of a collector from a previous life in the antiques business.  I've been given some incredible gifts from clients including a mid century chandelier and an old southwest stone print of horses in the desert.  I slipcovered my office chair in faux mongolian sheep fur, an easy project by removing the stuffing from some pillows I had and slipping them over the chair back and cushion.
I know that everywhere you've seen the gold desk accessories from Target.  I couldn't resist since my starting point was the gold chandelier and white painted french table.  I mixed it up with rustic wood  and bone textures.  I also keep my film cameras nearby since I've been trying to use them for everything I do along with my digital camera.  I went to a film workshop in November so I'll be featuring lots of film work on the blog including the images made at the workshop.  I'll share more from the workshop and how it will benefit my team and our clients on another post.

With all the work that went into the office even more work is going into rebranding with new cards, packaging as well as updating the blog and website at long last!  The office is such a wonderful place to work that it made a great color scheme for the website!  The framework is done (along with the blog) so now to sort through the images and share some of our best work!  

Do you have any big projects you've gotten to this winter?  Post a link in the comments, I'd love to see them!  I love peeking into the rooms of creative people.  Take a look at the Modern Vintage Photography pinterest board for my inspirations.  I've also finished my small portrait studio and the whole team will pitch in on the bigger studio although we will always prefer a beautiful day on location! 

Lots of clients to share soon!  Come back and take a look.

Virginia Smith


  1. Virginia, I am IN LOVE with your work space. Once we move, and I have my own office space, can you come and just basically be the boss and tell me how to make it THAT pretty??? Pretty please, with sugar on top? =D

    1. Thank you for the compliments! I'm always up for decorating and shopping (getting the most bang for the least bucks, of course)!

  2. Aw congrats on the new rebrand! It looks great :)
    Can't wait to finish ours as well <3 Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Can't wait to see yours! It takes a little longer than you think, right?

  3. Wow - it looks fantastic! What a wonderful space to work in.


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