Thursday, May 31, 2012

Going to creativeLIVE in Seattle!

Well actually...Samantha is going to creativeLIVE with Lindsay Adler!  What is that and what does that mean for Vintage Modern Photography? is a live, worldwide classroom of education for creatives...the future of practical education.  June 1-3 Lindsay Adler, a fashion photographer is teaching a creativeLIVE class on "Fashion Flair for wedding and portrait photographers" for free online!  6 students were chosen to join Lindsay in person at the workshop and not only that, she is including them and their ideas into the last day of the session.  That is what made us so excited for Samantha to audition with a video for the workshop.

Samantha loves fashion, in fact our photography is very much inspired by the vintage inspired aesthetic of our favorite store...Anthropologie and the clean modern look of J.Crew as well as the beautiful, soft feminine fashions of Elie Saab and then there's Samantha's absolutely favorite designer...Marc Jacobs.  You can see the influences of fashion photography in her work especially her hero of whimsy, Tim Walker (the Tim Burton of fashionable picture taking).   Heaven forbid we forget about Colleen Atwood, the costume designer who has collaborated with Tim Burton on many of his movies.

Well Samantha's love for fashion motivated her (as well as my big push) to audition sharing her ideas for a fashion inspired shoot and she got chosen!  That meant lots of preparations and since Samantha was in the midst of editing one of her all time favorite weddings, that meant I had a lot to do.  I can't reveal the surprises in store for everyone but I can tell you that I have acquired new skills including boat building along with Joshua Arroyo (Samantha's new hubby).  I will leave you with  a preview of things to expect and a reminder to tune in to especially Sunday morning sometime between 9:45 to 10:30 when Samantha gets to....well, you'll hear more about it soon!  

In the meantime, please tweet in support of Samantha (she's a bit nervous but excited) using the hashtags #vintagemodphoto and #adlerLIVE, you can leave comments for Samantha on our Vintage Modern Photography facebook page as well!  :)

Virginia Smith
Director of Customer Happiness and proud partner/mother

What do these images mean?  Stay tuned...

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